Performance With Two Sculptures

The work for Performance With Two Sculptures was created specifically for exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and grew out of a consideration of Southern Alberta — a place often referred to as "the Texas of Canada". Like Texas, Alberta has an art patronage class focused on collecting cowboy art — an aspect of the place that was both embraced and critiqued within my exhibition.

The exhibition posed a studio-centered variant of what could be termed a museological exhibition practice. Here, art objects borrowed from a collection were combined with my own works. On loan from the University of Manitoba art collection, were two bronze sculptures by the well-known American cowboy artist Frederic Remington (Bronco Buster and Mountain Man). These were used to generate a group of paintings, assemblages and a performance for two actors, as well as being on display within the exhibition.






Performance Views

The Preparators

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

20 minute performance scheduled once weekly for the run of the exhibition.
Credits: Kathy Zaborsky and Andrew Merrigan.